Adam Ortiz

Lab Engineer II

Adam Ortiz was born in Santa Ana, CA, and raised in Houston, TX. During his high school years, Adam worked at a local Target for 3 years before moving to field surveying work for another 3 years. Looking for a challenge and a jump-start to his career, Adam began looking for better opportunities within the oil and gas industry. In April of 2012, while working on the then developing Top Golf job site, covered in mud he smiled and waived at his friend (and Lab Engineer at OTC) Damon Sampy who happened to pass by, not knowing that his future boss, Katrina Price, was in the car with him. Later that day, Adam received an email asking for his resume and by the next week was given the opportunity to join the OTC family.

Adam hopes to stay long-term and grow with the company, as it continues to expand, and learn more about the oilfield fluids and operations to expand his knowledge and provide more input to clients. In his spare time Adam enjoys freestyle bmx, listening to heavy metal, playing videos, learning to cook, and enjoying life with his wife Jessica and their dog Mikey.