Quality Assured Lab Service

Highly-Trained Personnel with Years of Experience
  • Decades of experience in the oilfield industry
  • PhD Chemists, Chemical Engineers, & other degreed professionals
  • Experts in design & testing methods
Complete QA/QC Process
  • Rigorous attention to the details of the standards
  • Meticulous calibration and maintenance schedules and records
  • Now registered and certified with API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001!
State-of-the Art, Industry Recognized Testing Equipment
  • Multiple Chandler Engineering HTHP Consistometers with chiller units
  • Benchtop Rheometers, Atmospheric Consistometers, Stirred Fluid Loss
  • UCA Test chambers and/or Curing Chambers for Compressive Strength
  • OFITE SGSM Static Gel Strength Measurement Device