Greg Garrison

President / Owner

After completing high school in Branson, MO, Greg graduated with a degree in Chemistry from Missouri State University.  At that point, graduate school became the logical choice, so he moved to Stillwater, OK, and completed his doctorate in Chemistry.  From there, he decided to leave academia for the industrial world.  Cambridge Isotope Laboratories hired him as a Senior Chemist to synthesize organic compounds that contained stable isotopes. After a few years, he decided to look for other career opportunities and decided to join Schlumberger in 1995.

During his tenure with Schlumberger, Dr. Garrison held several positions, mostly focused on technology and field support.  The first three years were spent in South Texas managing a technology center, where his role was to give operations support via testing and quality control.  The research and development group required his assistance to field test new technology and deploy marketing plans in the region.  Within the next few years, he was responsible for all cementing technology and support for the middle and eastern-half of the United States.  During this time, he and his team introduced several key technologies and improved service quality, as well as customer satisfaction.

His next position within Schlumberger was Cementing Technology Manager for North and South America, here in Houston, TX.  His group was responsible for field support, customer projects, and the introduction of new technology from the research and development center.  Based on current needs and customer demands, he and his team helped guide the research efforts in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.  They had the opportunity to evaluate multiple products that vendors predicted might have some application in cement slurries.  Upon starting his new position, he became active with the API SC-10 for Oilwell cement.

Since his departure from Schlumberger, he’s worked with a great group of gentlemen in several different ventures, including start-up activities in Libya, Mexico, and here in Texas.  In Mexico, he started a cementing service company from the ground up.  The company was successful and was sold at the end of 2010.  At that point he began the process of starting Oilfield Testing & Consulting.

Our goal is to give our customers excellent service, reliable and unbiased test results.  It is extremely important for everyone to know that Oilfield Testing & Consulting is an INDEPENDENT laboratory.