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Offering a full range of comprehensive tests using state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Rheological Testing

This test determines the apparent flow properties of well fluids.

Fluid Loss

The Fluid Loss test determines the relative effectiveness of a slurry, in retaining its water phase, or losing a portion of its water phase as a filtrate to a formation. Insufficient fluid loss control can result in a cement slurry dehydrating and bridging off the annulus, which can prevent the slurry from being pumped to its final location and leaving excess cement in the casing.

Thickening Time

Thickening time of a slurry is calculated to determine the time required to mix and pump the slurry. Mixing time for the volume is estimated from calculated slurry volume and mixing rate. Mixing rate varies from rig to rig, and is dependent on slurry design. Safety time is allowed to account for any shut down or slow mixing rates that may inadvertently occur.

Free Fluid

The Free Fluid test determines the separation of free fluid in a cement slurry when left static. It is often useful for additional observations of slurry instability, such as severe settling and channeling.

Density Checks

This test is conducted by pressurizing the sample cup, until the entrained air or gas can be decreased to a negligible volume. Once void space is removed, a slurry density measurement closely in agreement with the true density which will be realized.

Static Gel Strength (SGS)

This test allows an operator to study the slurry’s transition from a liquid to solid state.

Gas Migration

This test is used to evaluate a cement slurry’s susceptibility to invasive gas or liquid flow, by realistically simulating the well parameters including temperature, hydrostatic head pressure, fluid formation pressure and the pressure gradients that drive these invasive flows.

Compressive Strength

This test determines the compressive strength of set cement samples under confining stress.

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